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Thanks for checking in! me_show_teachingI’ve been tutoring the SAT and ACT for over eight years. I’ve tutored hundreds of students for thousands of hours in both a one-on-one and a classroom setting. My students are guaranteed lessons tailored to their needs and an attentive, understanding teacher who helps them get results.

My rate in the NYC area is $100/hr for a minimum of two hours at a time. I normally tutor at libraries in lower Manhattan.

Feel free to email

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or call/text me at 562.519.1500 for more information.

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Here is some selected feedback from parents and students. I’d be happy to connect you to former students.

Feedback from parents:

• This is to inform you that Allison, my son’s tutor, did an outstanding job. She demonstrated competence, commitment, and character during every session. Overcoming many distractions; Friday evening events, working within a busy household, my son’s ADHD, Allison successfully conducted her sessions continually holding my son’s interest.

• Paul and I want to thank you for all your help in preparing Paul for the ACT. With your help, his scores improved over the past several weeks and he ended up with a 32 total score (with 34s in Science and Math). He plans to try again in Sept. to increase his score further and we will contact you for additional tutoring.

• Allison has worked as our son Joshua’s tutor for the past two and a half months. She was with Josh for the SAT preparation. She was very helpful in explaining concepts and teaching him problem solving techniques as well as efficiency in breaking down the problems to get the right answer. Her attitude was always positive and she was very punctual. Josh felt at ease with her and was able to understand her style of teaching very well.

Feedback from students:

• Allison was great SAT tutor for a multitude of reasons that I couldn’t possibly fit in just one paragraph, so I’ll be brief. Allison understood that we’re high schoolers, and this was the most valuable part of our classroom experience, because it affected how she conducted everything else that went on during the course. We felt we could connect with Allison because she understood that, as high schoolers on the cusp of adulthood, we don’t respond well to supercilious instructors. She shared with our class her exciting and varied life experiences (often in relation to the course problems at hand) and made the problems accessible. Aside from her general abilities with engaging students (some of which I remember were particularly resistant), I can vouch for her with my astounding raise of 500 points on the SAT. Beginning with a score of 1600, under her tutelage I achieved a 2100 on the actual exam, a score for which I can thank countless scholarships and admissions. Allison has been endowed with a great gift for teaching, and I highly recommend her for any position in which she can engage and educate students.

• Allison was an excellent tutor. She helped me understand certain concepts of the writing portion and trained me to not fall for the math “traps”. Also I had a great time, she kept me interested in the subjects and I had fun. I would definitely recommend Allison as an SAT tutor. I believe she played a crucial role in my score increase: Math: 710 to 770 Reading: 600 to 730 Writing: 570 to 620